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Full Studio Recording

-Studio fee = $50 per hour

-Mixing fee ranges between $10 and $300 + tax depending on what is desired by the client. (All recordings must have basic mixing for release to client)


Terms and Conditions:

-All business conducted is subject to NM state sales tax.

-Cancellation required 24 hours in advance.

-Any damage to studio or property will be billed to client with repair fee.

-Billing begins at your scheduled arrival time.

-Payment required in full before recordings are released to client.

-All recordings watermarked until payment received in full.

-All recordings and session files are property of DuoTronik Sound Studio until payment is received in-full.

-Studio assumes ZERO liability for client equipment.

-Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs allowed on property, cigarettes may be smoked outside studio.

Cassette Tape

Tape and Vinyl Conversion

To restore music is to restore memories! We can convert pretty much any tape to a DVD, CD or USB flash drive.

We can convert:

-VHS and VHS-C Tapes

-Cassette Tapes

-Camcorder Tapes

-8 Track Tapes

-8MM Reels

-Vinyl LP's


VHS, Cassette, Camcorder, 8 Track and LP's = $10ea.

8MM and Super8 Reels = $2.50 per inch of wound film


Personalized Branding

In today's world a personalized brand is essential! Whether you're working on an album or starting a business we can help get you up and running.

Branding services we offer:

Logo and Banner designs - $30 per-hour

Album Cover Art - $30 per-hour

Web Design Services - $40 Per Hour

Social Media Branding - $60 (one other service required)


Music for Choreographers

All music that does not involve figure skating is charged at a flat rate of $15 per minute of cut music.


Test-level-based pricing (Mastering Included)

Beginner to Pre-Pre/Adult 1-4 

     One piece of music = $20

     Two pieces of music = $30

Preliminary to Intermediate/Adult Pre-Bronze to Adult Gold - 

     One piece of music = $40

     Two Pieces of Music = $60

International Judging System Pricing

Novice - $50 (Short) -$60 (Long)

Junior - $70 (Short) -$80 (Long)

Senior - $90 (Short) -$100 (Long)


Terms and Conditions

-We do not do quick dirty edits, music will not be released unless it reflects our standards of quality.

-Music that requires virtual studio technology to meet our quality standards is subject to extra charge.

-Programs lower than "Novice" test level are limited to two pieces of music and four sections, additional cuts in music are subject to extra charge.

-All music watermarked until payment is received in full.

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