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     Our studio consists of two rooms, a control room/isolation room and a recording booth equipped with surround sound microphones suspended on movable arms around the room. The nature of this microphone mounting system allows us to set up whatever microphones we want in the room without the clutter that generally curses recording studios. The system also allows us to record a three dimensional sound and capture the complete essence that surrounds a performer. We designed the studio with accessibility in mind first and foremost. Our facility is wheelchair accessible and has features which create a relaxed environment to help individuals engage their sense of creativity.

     We do all of our editing using Logic Pro X and power our mics with a 48V Mackie Vita pre-amplifier. We also use special technology to trap radio interference that often contaminates recordings made in the city of Albuquerque. We use microphones by Sennheiser, Heil, Beheringer and MXL and we specialize in voiceover, classical and jazz music. Although we specialize in these areas we have experience recording the entire spectrum of music and can accomidate any project. Whatever your project may be we have the means to make it a reality. My personal goal is to make every recording the highest quality and most pleasing as it can be.

     If you are interested in scheduling time or getting a free quote click the "contact" tab and let's get started today!


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