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     I have been editing music for figure skaters in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area for over a decade and as both a figure skater of 20 years, musician and sound engineer I developed a passion for professional music editing in this field because I can combine my knowledge of skating physics with my professional abilities. 

     Of course my ability to cut music is not limited to figure skating, I can cut music for absolutely any sport or activity that requires music cut to a specific pre-determined length. This includes dance, gymnastics, artistic swimming, drag and dressage. 


Why should I have my music professionally edited?

     Properly edited music helps a performer to perform better due to their music being perfectly matched for every aspect of a program. Skating programs and other music always have sections and require editing together multiple pieces of music, I have heard many programs with a chunky edit or a bad glitch that creates a lack of flow for the performer. My professional experience allows me to create something completely seamless and perfectly timed to the millisecond. Additionally sound systems at ice arenas are generally terrible and have a very large echo. This requires a degree of compensation in the sound for the skater's program to sound good in such an environment, if I am provided with details about the environment I can tailor the sound to fit the space. 

Just what can DuoTronik do?

My abilities include but are not limited to:

-Edit music to perfect length in milliseconds 

-Tempo changes (faster or slower)

-Move sections and seamlessly edit together multiple pieces of music

-Digitally master recordings specially for ice arena sound systems (let me know the specific rink, if i'm familiar with their sound system results will be better)

-Sound design specifically for Broadmoor World Arena and Ice Hall (let me know which ice sheet)

-Fix already cut programs.

How much does DuoTronik charge?

     I have been appalled by the high prices charged by professional music services in Colorado, my business model is Colorado quality without those exorbitant prices. This caused me to develop flat-rate test-level-based pricing. Best of all I guarantee that if your music needs any additional touch-up work done at any time it will be done for free, I have even fixed music cut by big-name editors in Colorado that left their clients without support.

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